How it works

Save money on your travel, even at the last minute.

  1. 2. Book and pay online

    Tap book and pay for your seat. Once you do, you'll have the driver's phone number to get in touch.

    If a driver cancels, we'll refund you according to our cancellation policy.

  2. 3. Travel together

    Enjoy the ride and don't forget to leave a rating!

    Leaving a rating means you're more likely to have one left for you!

Share your city-to-city car journeys with trusted passengers and share your costs!

  1. 1. Offer a ride

    Just say where you're going, where you'd like to pick up and drop off passengers and when.

    Choose from our suggestions for popular places to pick up and drop off passengers. It makes things easier for everyone!

  2. 2. Your passengers book and pay online

    When a passenger books a seat with you, we'll share their phone number in case you need to get in touch.

    You can check out the details of your ride and passengers anytime.

  3. 3. Travel together

    Share stories, tunes or just a quiet ride with other travellers.

    Add a photo of your car , it'll help passengers find you on the day of the ride.

  4. 4. Get your money

    We'll send you your money after the ride to the bank or PayPal account of your choice.

    You'll get your money 1-5 weekdays (excluding weekends and holidays) after we send it.