Why do we have ratings?

Ratings are recommendations. We rely on them when making decisions every day. Why? Because we trust other people. When it comes to carpooling, they help us decide if we want to travel with someone. So the next time you travel, leave a rating to share your experience with the rest of the community.

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How do I leave a rating?

You can leave a rating the day after you travel. We'll remind you with an email and a notification on your Dashboard.

If you leave a rating first, we'll let the other member know that you've left one. They won't see it until they've left one for you (so don't hesitate to be completely honest!).

The other member gets 14 days to leave one in return. We'll post both ratings once they've left one or after the 14 days are up.

If another member leaves a rating for you first, we'll let you know. You'll then have 14 days to rate them back.

Once you have, you'll see the rating they left for you. We'll also post the rating on your Profile to share it with the rest of the community. Follow these steps the next time you leave a rating:

1. Say whether the person you're rating was the driver or passenger.

2. Choose the adjective that best describes your experience.

3. Then add a few words. You can include whether the person was on time, played some banging tunes or told some great stories!

Stuck for ideas? Think of whether you'd recommend this person to your friends or family:

  • Outstanding  - An overall positive experience, can't complain.
  • Excellent  - they were reliable, you felt comfortable and you had a very pleasant experience.
  • Good  - they were on time and it was an overall positive experience.
  • Poor  - Not a great experience. Wouldn't recommend to others.
  • Very Disappointing  - To avoid. Never again.

Got a question about ratings? We've got answers!

Rating drivers

If you're a passenger, you can also rate how the driver was behind the wheel. Your rating will be anonymous. Rather than display these ratings individually, we'll post the driver's average on their Profile once they have a few.

Replying to a rating

No one wants to receive a negative rating, we understand that. To keep things fair, you can reply to a very disappointing, or good rating. You have 14 days to reply. Once you have, we'll display it on your Profile, under the rating you received. You can use your reply to give other members a better idea of what happened during the ride.

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