About Experience Levels

When you share a ride on Saafiri, you travel with a member of a trusted community. Every member has an Experience Level that evolves with time and activity. Levels help you choose the right co-traveller for the ideal Saafiri journey. There are five Levels:

Saafiri's Experience Levels

Newcomer Intermediate Experienced Expert Ambassador
Verified email and phone Welcome!
Preferences set
Profile photo added
# of positive ratings received
1 rating
3 ratings
6 ratings
12 ratings
% of positive ratings received
1 month
3 months
6 months
12 months

Your Experience Level on Saafiri

When you have a high Level it shows that you are a highly trusted member of the Saafiri community. Your Level is based on four factors:

  • Email and Mobile number verification
  • The completion of your profile
  • # of ratings and the % of positive ratings left for you by other members
  • How long you have been a member for

Your Level is updated every night at 2am.

How to raise your Experience Level

Fill your profile to reach 100% profile completion:

Enter your name, year of birth, and add your mini bio.

  • > Verify your email address and mobile number This raises your Level because other members know they will be able to contact you and it will be easy to organise journey details.

  • > Add your profile photo This raises your Level because members like to see who they'll be travelling with. You can upload your profile photo straight from Facebook, it only takes a few seconds!

  • > Set your preferences

    This raises your Level because members have more information about you. You can indicate whether you smoke, you like travelling with animals, and if you are Bla, BlaBla or BlaBlaBla (Hence the name Saafiri!). It's quick and easy to do.

  • Leave and receive ratings: Ratings have a powerful impact on your Level. Members get ratings from other members after they have travelled together. The more positive ratings you get, the higher your Level becomes. The ratings system ranges from Outstanding to Very Disappointing. To pass to the next Level, 90% of your ratings need to be either Outstanding, Excellent or Good. The best way to get ratings is to travel often and always leave them for other members: 75% of members who receive a rating leave one in return!

Becoming an Ambassador “ what it does for you

Ambassadors have a special status in the Saafiri community.
- Members will trust you more, will choose travelling with you and your car will get filled quicker.
- Ambassadors are invited to TV interviews and focus groups, they can share feedback on new features to come, and much more...

See what our ambassadors say below:

  • Matt (36) Ambassador

    Since becoming an Ambassador, my car has always been filled quickly. Co-travellers are reassured by my status. I am super-proud to be an Ambassador.

  • Morgan (32) Ambassador

    Now I am an ambassador, others automatically know I am a great person to travel with. This means it's easier for me to find a ride because drivers know organizing one with me will go smoothly. It really makes a difference!

  • Antoine B (28) Ambassador

    As an Ambassador, I was invited to a focus group. I loved meeting other members and the Saafiri team. Looking back, I see that my feedback was taken into account and implemented. My friends are jealous of my Ambassador status!

Trust is the key

When we increase our Experience Level by leaving ratings and completing our Saafiri profilewe create more trust in the Saafiri community.

Trust is incredibly powerful because it enables us to feel comfortable sharing and so we share more often. When we share more, we all benefit!

In fact, at Saafiri, we believe Trust is so important that we created our own superheroes of Trust: Trustman and Trustwoman. They are superheroes that we can all become! To find out more about them and how Trust is built in our international community, visit BeTrustman.com.