About Saafiri

Saafiri is a MUST-HAVE FREE TRAVEL APP: comfortable, affordable city-to-city car travel with Govt. ID verified members mobile app that helps you find, connect and carpool with others going your way. The driver and passengers all share journey costs between each other, which works out cheaper for everyone. You no longer have to depend on public transport schedule, nor do you have to go on long tedious car journeys all by yourself – Saafiri pp will find you company! Make and model of the car info is also available to the passenger.

Saafiri Etiquette

When You Book Your Ride

– Show up at your pickup location before your driver arrives. Drivers won’t wait for long if they don’t see you and you may miss the ride. – When the driver pulls up reconfirm the vehicle information on your boarding pass. Get the driver’s attention and approach the car. Show your boarding pass and quickly get on-board. You may be at a crowded spot and the driver may not be able to spot you unless you draw attention. Drivers won’t wait for long if they don’t see you and you may miss the ride. – Donuts for sharing are cool – but it’s probably rude and crude to finish your burger in someone’s car. Finish your food and dispose your trash responsibly before entering the car.

When You’re In The Car

– If you’re the only passenger, get in the front seat. If there are others riders, use simple strategies like last man to be dropped off rides front OR big and tall in the front. Make the ride comfortable and pleasant for all. – If you need to make or receive calls, keep them brief and don’t be loud. Better yet, strike a conversation with your fellow passengers. You might end up getting to know your neighbors and colleagues and making new friends. – Inappropriate behavior, including flirting, has the potential to make your fellow passengers nervous. They may block you and so might we.

After Your Ride

– Make sure you rate your driver. Be generous and ready to give 5 stars unless you have clear reasons to take points away. Remember that the driver has nothing to do with factors such as cost of the ride or app / service issues – those should be reported to the Saafiri support team. Check out our FAQ on rating for more information. – Make sure the car is in the same state when you leave the car as it was when you entered. It ain’t nice to drop a piece of paper. – After a ride ends, requests for personal contact information are ok. However respect your fellow passenger’s right to privacy in case they do not want to share.